Which character goes with which game?

Since there are three different games, with three different dungeon masters, it can get a little confusing which character goes with which game. I will eventually edit this list to include the character’s class/race, and a link to their character’s bio with pictures… but this should help for now.


Peter Episodes – D&D 4th Edition

Zosha (AKA Confusicorn) played by Kelly Z
Better Tom played by Scott
Jon Mithril played by Dave
Skylar played by Nikki
Seht and Kenneth played by Ryan
– and eventually Avriss played by Kelly R



Ryan Episodes – D&D 4th Edition

Dweevis played by Dave
Willa played by Kelly Z
Vectrus played by Scott
Marshmallow played by Nikki
– and eventually Six played by Peter
– and eventually Murderbitch played by Kelly R


Scott Episodes – Pathfinder

Rose (AKA the Gnome Ranger) played by Kelly Z
Ethyl Murman played by Dave
Gnarlz (AKA Milton) played by Peter
Erik Larxsdale played by Ryan
Quewen McLunas the bipolar Mage played by Kelly R


PFCC Episodes – Pathfinder

Elfina the Elf Witch played by Kelly Z
– Tancheron the Kobold cleric played by Dave
– Sir Allister Kreign the Widow Maker played by Ryan Hutman
– Brunon the Human Paladin played by Kelly R
Chagi the Samsarin Monk played by Scott Levy
– and eventually Sine Su Zho the Fetchling Samurai played by Scott Levy
– and eventually Sybil the Oracle played by Nicole
– and eventually Korin of House Dorn the Dwarf Fighter played by Kelly Z
– and eventually Sazerac the Human Investigator played by Scott Levy
– and eventually Kayno Rebz aka Eon with Porteus the Witch played by Dave Strand
– and eventually Sydny the Half-Elf Rogue played by Nikki
– and eventually Dr. Chervil Happenstance the Halfling Oracle played by Peter Hicks



Special Episodes

– Justina the Halfling wizard disguised as an Owl played by Kelly Z
– Morselle Deepengrove the Halfling fighter played by Dave Strand
– Karma the Elf ranger hippie played by Kelly R
– Val the Barbarian pit-fighter played by Scott Levy