A Pathfinder character by Dave Strand.

A 13 year old Kobold Cleric featured in PFCCPrequel-current. (He is currently level 2 at the time of this documents creation)

Click to hear Tancheron tell you about himself.

Tancheron is a crafty kobold who was kicked out of his clan for looking different and being smart. Like most kobolds he has scaly lizard-like skin, stands upright with a short humanoid form, possesses a long tail, tiny talons, and a slightly reptilian face. Tancheron’s scales are red, and because he occasionally emerges from the forest to do business among humans, he wears a long hooded robe.

He learned the customs of humans from the Westerfields, a family who’s farm and lands were near the Cleric Temple that Tancheron often lurked about. Seeing the families love and wealth, he soon began to mimic their mannerisms, and became friends with the boy Danny Westerfield. Danny’s father often met with a well traveled scholar named Professor Loremore, who learned of this ‘talking Kobold’ via the son. Intrigued, he ultimately befriended and helped teach Tancheron more about humans and other races.

Tancheron’s aspirations are that of prosperity and goodness, and he is out to prove that Kobolds are not all bad and stupid. His dexterous hands allow him to whip about his Quarterstaff, and he recites prayers he heard the Cleric’s utter to help heal those around him, whilst fending off ghoulish undead enemies with his magic light.