PFCC3b – The Stirge’s Song

December 29, 2012 Dave Strand 1

Game starts at 20:15! Pevrin “Piddle” runs screaming from this Dungeons and Dragons podcast because Harthmount comes out of the closet, there is a┬áraucous┬áconcert, monsters […]

RyanEp9 Funny Bone

January 25, 2012 Dave Strand 0

To destroy evil cultists the party must face a deadly & intelligent guardian. New companions Six and “Funny Bone” are pushed to limits as they […]

PeterEp8 Avriss

June 16, 2011 Dave Strand 1

Marshmallow dissapears into the Underdark, a curious scout named Avriss sneaks up on the party and watches them sleep. And if that wasn’t creepy enough, […]