PF36b – Floor Door

April 2, 2016 Dave Strand 0

A grim & brutal battle ensues.  Without a proper healer, this book hunt is about to get BLOODY! — Also BaB was recently informed that the only […]

PF31a – The Mohel

October 28, 2015 Dave Strand 0

Curse you meddling kids, and your monkey too! Join BaB as they thwart the dastardly plans of the Whispering Way in this Pathfinder RPG actual […]

PF10c – Final Showdown!

November 20, 2013 Dave Strand 0

Game starts at 6:20.  Chagi, Elfina, Brunon, and Tancheron do battle with the Loper and Splatterman in this epic final confrontation between good-ish-ness and total […]