Special Episode – Song of Poison


In this very special 2 hour thank you episode we work in some characters submitted by contributors to our Beer and Battle fundraiser! Peter Hicks (the DM) allows our regular cast to use ANY characters from previous games, regardless of game system, alive or dead! Chalked full of cameos, tonight’s cast includes Ben Thompson (friend and contributor) David Hicks (Peter’s Dad!), Nicole B. (Scott’s girlfriend), as well as Kelly R, Dave Strand, Kelly Z and Ryan Hutman!  Character Contributions: Nathan Corwin (the Cook), Angus Macrae (The tinkerer/gunslinger by Christopher K Chambers), Shawn Scoles (the Sir Allister fan), a’Zir (the Ifrit by Jeremy Adkins), Gruckus (the effeminate goblin with a Mohawk by Alexander Marginson), the Dwarven cleric Baeli Warwick by Preston Jones and an apology to Wellis Tinkernil the Kender by Jonathan Harrah who Peter promises will show up in a future episode.