Jon Mithril

Jon Mithril

A Dungeons and Dragons 4e character by Dave Strand
A 28 year old Human Bard featured in Peter Eps 1-current.  (He is currently level 20 at the time of this documents creation)

Jon Mithril is a blind sword-wielding Human Bard who heals his friends and beguiles his enemies with the use of his magical vocalizations.  Jon lost his sight during an adventure with his friends the Grundeliers after contracting a harsh form of “Rune – Aids”. However, with the loss of his sight, Jon’s other senses became super-heightened so that he can sense his surroundings greater than ever before. In one hand he holds a mystical wand and in his other hand a magical jagged long sword.  Either can be used to channel his majestic voice.

Jon Mithril is lean and attractive, with long wavy brown hair.  He wears a blindfold over his eyes, tight black leather pants with boots, several simple necklaces and rings, two arm bands, and a thin magical chain-mail vest.  Jon has two visible tattoos, one of a hummingbird on left shoulder and a dragon on his right shoulder.  It was also revealed that on his chest beneath the chain mail armor there is a tattoo of a fanciful shield.  Ladies are often drawn to his charismatic personality, and he can entertain anyone from the working class to royalty with his ability to howl and croon many intoxicating songs.  Jon also has a bit of a death-wish, indulging in whiskey and various hallucinogenic drugs.

Here are a few of his favorite powers to use when in combat.

1. Majestic Word: Jon is particularly good at inspiring his friends with powerful words, allowing them to heal during battle.

2. Jade Rejuvenation: The tattoo on Jon’s left shoulder springs to life splitting into small ghostly hummingbirds that follow each of his allies, sprinkling green health over them during battle. He can only use this ability once per day, and after it is used his tattoo loses it’s color until an extended rest.

3. Staggering Note: Often times during an encounter Jon will shout loudly, causing an enemy to fly back several feet.  He can usually maneuver the target just close enough for an ally to take a free attack at the staggered enemy.

4. Strike Up the Dance: In a sudden trance Jon dances about like a shaman, and with each fall of his foot a loud memorizing tribal drum beat is assembled.  Three nearby enemies are unable to control their legs from dancing to this beat, and dance off into a corner of the room. They can not move from that position until they shake off this rhythmic affliction.

5. Song of Discord: Jon’s hair blows back as if a great wind was in front of him, and his dead eyes begin to glow with bright white light which can be seen flashing underneath his blindfold.  One unfortunate soul also feels this great wind upon their face, and their eyes glow with the same white light.  Jon takes limited control of this target and chooses it’s next action.

Here are some photos of Jon Mithril’s miniature, and assorted images of Jim Morrison who was the original seed for this character concept.  This is not exactly how he is, just a starting point for imagination.