PF59b – Ludwig

August 23, 2018 Dave Strand 0

The adventurers finally meet the legendary Lord Ludwig. Background music at their dance party, Baby Needs Coke by Northborne, Burn Down Heaven by Straftanz, and […]

PF58a – MACG

April 25, 2018 Dave Strand 0

In Meth Addled Cock Gobblers, Sydny rejoins the Beer and Battle crew as they split the party between the greenhouse and a pit full of […]

PF57b – SILF

April 15, 2018 Dave Strand 0

Conclusion of game 57. The party struggles against an unseen foe in the greenhouse at Restoration Park.  Audio edited by Michael Pocino. </a

PF56c – Bolt Hole

April 4, 2018 Dave Strand 0

The conclusion of game 56! The Beer and Battle gang gives great thanks to Michael Pocino,  for editing this episode!    Michael has offered to […]

PF56b – Bone Devils

March 16, 2018 Dave Strand 0

Beer and Battle returns with the continuation of game 56.  The adventurers face deadly boney devils from another plane in this action packed game.