PFCC8a – Overrun

June 11, 2013 Dave Strand 0

Pevrin Piddle cries for help! The town is overrun with zombies and skeletons! It’s been ages since the party had a decent rest, and they […]

PeterEp15 Trudge

April 27, 2012 Dave Strand 0

The drunken party trudges across the Underdark towards some lightning in the sky, where it is believed they will discover another set of runes to […]

RyanEp9 Funny Bone

January 25, 2012 Dave Strand 0

To destroy evil cultists the party must face a deadly & intelligent guardian. New companions Six and “Funny Bone” are pushed to limits as they […]

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PeterEp12 Droobies

November 18, 2011 Dave Strand 4

Avriss scoffs at the party’s careless plan to rush the Bloodforge of Abraxus! How will they ever get in to ruin the rune? Perhaps Seht […]

RyanEp8 Rolling Six

August 4, 2011 Dave Strand 0

The adventuring party welcomes an over privileged monk named Six to travel with them. Will they regret this decision? Can they defeat the colossal undead […]