Brunon Novak

Brunon Novak

A Pathfinder character by Kelly R
A 30 year old Paladin featured in PFCC1a-Current.  (He is currently level 2 at the time of this documents creation)

Brunon Novak – Human (Chelaxian) Paladin
Age: 30 Height: 6’5 Weight: 250lbs
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Homeland: Polski City Alignment: Lawful Good
Path: Sword & Board; Protector of the Weak

Brunon Nowak was orphaned as a toddler. He did not know his parents, but the elderly orphanage keeper always told him that his mother was a prostitute, his father was a thief, and they were both executed for their criminal misdeeds. Brunon was much smaller than the other orphans when he was very young and, because of this, brutally abused by the orphanage keeper, until he turned nine years old and ran away to find shelter on the streets.

The small and unknown land of Polski was stricken with poverty, but because of Brunon’s quickly increasing size, he realized that he could be the boss of any hustle and never be challenged. He also often fought for money and carried out beatings on behalf of other street criminals.

At 15 he met Professor Lorrimor, who had sought him out to question him about his encounter with a vampire while fighting in a street tournament. The Professor was intrigued that a human man had overpowered such an old and strong undead being in such a short encounter. He quickly recognized the potential in Brunon’s combination of charisma and strength and, in an effort to save him from becoming more entangled in criminal life, led him to the only temple of the Goddess Iomedae in Polski. Brunon was resistant to the idea of serving a deity over himself, but he quickly grew fond of the structure and loving mentorship that the Iomedae monks provided him. He was determined to receive any validation from the monks that he could, so he worked hard at his duties and tried his best to study his new religion and reach enlightenment. The monks recognized that Brunon might never reach the level of wisdom necessary to join the priesthood, or even the monastery, but they saw in him a cleverness and determination that would someday make him a valuable missionary and soldier. For the next 10 years Brunon practiced his new religion and sharpened his defensive strength and skills in the name of Iomedae. At the age of 30, the monks of Iomedae tasked Brunon with leaving the temple to be a missionary, but to above all, use his size and strength to vanquish all impure, evil, and undead creatures.

Unfortunately, Brunon only speaks Polski, Elven, & Daemonic. He has only been on his mission for a few months, so he has trouble communicating in Common, although he is learning. Until he can grasp the finer points of Common discussion and diplomacy, he relies on Chagi the monk, who also speaks Daemonic, to translate the finer points of conversation to him and for him.