BaB resurrected thanks to the fans! :)

Beer and Battle resurrected!!!  Thanks to the the following glorious contributors, I just placed the order for our new sound card! I plan on doing something special for those who contributed, more to be announced! Until then, here are the names of our glorious saviors!

Nathan Corwin
Christopher K Chambers
Shawn Scoles
Jeremy Adkins
Ben Thompson
Alexander Marginson
and Jonathan Harrah

Thank you so much for your quick and generous response!  As well as the kind words that accompanied the donations.


Beer and Battle FUMBLES! 8 damage to our sound card which is now totally dead. (Internal power problem) I’m starting to sell some gear and save money to buy a new sound card, but it might take some time as I’m kind of strapped for cash. I don’t typically like to ask for donations, but as suggested I put a donate button on the Beer and Battle site in case you want to help us save up for a new sound card. We usually run at least three channels of mics so, I’m looking into the Focusrite linked below. ($350) If you are a faithful Beer and Battle listener, and you have a few extra dollars to spare, there is a donate button at WWW.BEERANDBATTLE.COM or you can send a PayPal to Again, thanks for listening and if you donate we will be sure to give you a special SHOUT OUT on our podcast. If you donate $30 or more, we can maybe feature you ‘somehow’ in a podcast. an interview? Insert your character as an NPC for Beer and Battle to kill? Let us know!

The card we are saving for…