Avris Herst

Avris Herst

A Dungeons and Dragons 4E character by Kelly R
A 27 year old Eledrin Ranger featured in Peter Ep8-current.  (She is currently level 20 at the time of this documents creation)

Avris Herst – Eledrin Ranger
Age: 27 Height: 5’7 Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Homeland: Tellard Forest Alignment: Good
Stormwarden Path

Avris Herst was an only child, born to Eledrin parents, who were tasked with protecting the neighboring fey forest from creatures who meant ill or evil will toward its inhabitants.  Her father and mother were strong but gentle fey, and lived a fairly low-key farm life.  Avris was adventurous and ornery throughout her childhood, and as she grew older, became tired of slow moving farm-life.  She would often run away from home, and be missing for days, only to be returned by the wiser forest dwelling feys, who would discover her sleeping in their trees and living off of their land.  As she grew older, her strong desire to quest for knowledge and adventure only increased.

Once Avris reached adulthood, she gathered the tools and skills that she had obtained from spending so much time living with, and communing with, the forest, and left home for good to seek greater adventures.  She traveled through nearby lands, taking small jobs that paid just enough to get her to the next journey, never venturing too far from the forests that she loved.  She quickly gained unmatched athletics and attuned fighting skills for a female of her stature, and employed her charisma and strength to attain job after job.

Avris meets up with the Grundeliers in the underdark, after she has taken on the task of discovering the secrets of Black Blood for a group of very rich and powerful wizards.