Beer and Battle’s Dungeons and Dragons Dictionary

Here are definitions for terms you may hear us use in the Beer and Battle podcast:

*Action Point once per encounter on their turn a character can spend an action point to take an extra action.  Action points are accumulated by reaching a milestone or taking an extended rest.

Armor Class is a number indicating how difficult it is to hit a creature or player with an attack.  In Dungeons and Dragons 4E and Pathfinder a higher number means that a creature or player is harder to hit. This number is affected by what you wear, how fast you are, and various other stuff.

Asunder as typically used by Peter, means split apart or torn into many separate pieces.  Basically ripped all to hell.

Chitin [kahy-tin] often mispronounced in Beer and Battle as [chit-tin] or [chit-tin-uss] refers to the exoskeleton of any creature with a hard shell, like spiders, Dryders, lobsters, or beetles.

Cock-ophony [cahk-off-uh-nee] a superior way of saying cacophony, which is an overwhelming amount of loud sounds.

*Confusicorn [cun-few-si-korn] The magical mystical confused unicorn.  The character Zosha’s favorite shifter form, Confusicorn, is often confused and invokes confusion in those around him/her.

*Crit is short for Critical Hit and typically occurs when a player rolls a twenty on a twenty sided-die.  They then check their weapon sheet to determine the extra damage inflicted. (Some special weapons Crit on a roll of 19 or 20!)

is a twenty sided die. In Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other games using the D20 system, the D20 is used to determine attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, initiatives, and sometimes (in Beer and Battle) to check if Ryan got a boner.

Double-Tap is a term often used by Nikki, in reference to Twin Strike’s multiple attacks.  Also used in conjunction with an enemy’s taint this can be a devastating blow.

Hardwire is a 4 piece industrial hard-core tech band based out of Arizona.  Ryan of Beer and Battle is the lead singer for this band.

*Ichor [aye-kore] often mispronounced in Beer and Battle as [ih-kher] refers to a watery blood-like fluid sometimes tinged with a yellow or green pigment most commonly found in Chitinous creatures.

Mega-Game originally derived from Kelly Z’s mispronunciation of Meta-Game whereby a player’s knowledge of the game exceeds that of their character’s and is used to their advantage.

Podcast is a digitally recorded event that is archived for later enjoyment.

Roll for Initiative is often requested by the Dungeon Master to determine the order of players and enemies in battle.  It is performed by rolling a D20 and adding appropriate bonuses as defined on the character sheet.

Sailor Jerry is easily the best dark rum ever invented and kicks the most ass when mixed with a Cola product. Sailor Jerry’s prime market in the United States is Ryan Hutman.

Taint is the bit of flesh located between the anus and the genitals.

Taint-too is a Tattoo on a the taint.

The Strand is a six piece industrial techno band based out of Arizona.  Dave and Scott are both in this band Vocals and Key-tars respectively.

* (Words with a * beside them are a part of our Drinking Game Rules)