The Drinking Game Rules

So, we have been asked to clarify what the rules of our Beer and Battle drinking game are. Here you go. Play along at home if you like.

1.) Ichor: Any time the Dungeon Master says Ichor take a drink!

2.) Asunder: Any time the Dungeon Master says Asunder take a drink!

3.) Confusicorn: Any time Zosha turns into Confusicorn take a drink!

4.) Action Point: Any time anyone takes an Action Point!

5.) Critical Hit: Any time a PLAYER scores a critical hit or rolls a twenty. (Players NEVER drink when the Dungeon Master crits, only the DM drinks for that.)

6.) Are you fucking kidding me !?!:Any time Ryan Hutman says, “Are you fucking kidding me !?!” take a drink!

7.) Roll for Initiative:  Any time we roll for Initiative!